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Section 3: 6.85 Miles

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This trip was a bit shorter than the previous two outings.  This was by design because (thank the sweet lords of backpacking) the next trip is through Harriman State Park so we can finally do some camping.  After Harriman, we go through another no-camping section before we finally get to a section that goes in and out of some DEC land which means longer trips.

Tilcon Quarry in Haverstraw

We started our trip by crossing Rt. 9 and heading up a closed road into the Haverstraw Quarry's industrial roads leading past lots of fenced off areas housing the quarry, and all the equipment that runs it.  About a mile in, Mike decided that he was done with the dog-on-leash rule because Riley is god-awful at walking on a leash.  He normally stays around you off-leash pretty well though.  He really wanted to investigate the equipment and kept running under the security-monitored fences...whoops.  

Mike annoyed at the dog.

Upon finally entering the woods on a trail instead of a road, we passed through a wetland with a raised trail passing through the middle.  It was nice to be out of the muck.  We passed a sign guiding down a side path to High Tor Vineyards, but opted out since they probably don't love dogs there.  A relatively steep climb leads us up to High Tor.  This is by far the most stunning view yet.  The peak is completely bald, with footings left from a now removed airplane beacon.  It overlooks the Hudson River and the town of Haverstraw.  It was absolutely stunning.   The overlook was also a communication point with New York during the Revolutionary War.  It's always a little haunting to think that there was a war being faught in this very spot 250 or so years ago.  

Haverstraw looks like such a cute little town from here.

The shortness of the trail allowed me to try out some new shoes, which was nice.  I wore the New Balance MT10 Minimus Trail Running shoes that I got on Steepandcheap.  I wore them sans socks, and they were very comfortable.  I did get a hot spot on one heel, mainly because debris tends to find its way in through the mesh.  Still good shoes for a shorter walk, would dry very quickly, and weigh about as much as Crocs do.

The dogs feet held up better than they have in the past, since hiking with him is like hiking with a 10 year old that just at 17 pixie sticks and an entire bottle of adderall.  He does not look where he's going, runs everywhere, and has no concern for his own well being.  This makes him moderately embarrassing and annoying on a hike, and it also means he often rubs the bottoms of his paws raw from skidding on rock.  We are debating getting him booties, but we'll see how he does.

Overall - very pretty hike with two amazing overlooks and apparently access to wine.  What more could you ask for?

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